Innovation is the foundation of our company and the values we represent. Innovative business ideas; new enabling technology; thought-leading individuals feeding into the development of our solutions. This is RiskFirst.

But our commitment to innovation is matched by our commitment to serving clients with what they need, what they want, and what they cannot yet develop in-house. For us, the purpose of innovation is to deliver real, measurable results.


Our clients don’t invest in technology for technology’s sake – so we don’t either. We don’t divert your profits to reinventing the wheel, and we don’t sacrifice our revenues for the latest hyped technology. Our focus is on delivering tangible value and all our solutions are developed with cost-saving or revenue-raising front of mind.

We apply that thinking to our own business, as well as our clients’. In doing so, we create a sustainable business that can continue to serve and support clients in their own profit-generating activities long into the future.

Humble and respectful

At RiskFirst we have great people with great ideas. So do our clients, and so does the industry as a whole. So we collaborate closely with all the businesses in the industries we work in. We listen to ideas, wherever they come from, and our goal is to complement and improve, rather than disrupt or replace.

For us, that means providing the right tools to our clients so they can create their own transformation in line with their own business goals and risk appetites. We call it disruption by not disrupting.

People focused

We recognize that commercially-focused innovation and collaboration requires the right people to carry it out. So we dedicate time and resources to supporting our team, and helping individuals to grow and improve. We respect their talents and their boundaries, just as they respect our clients. We continue to be inspired by the people we hire, and we strive to provide them with equally inspiring projects, culture, and environment.


Our people are a diverse group. But they all have a desire to succeed. They are committed, focused and self-motivated, and they shape the character of our business. Whatever challenge our clients present, we are determined to find the right solution, and not just rely on easy complacent ideas.

As we continue to grow, we work hard to retain the entrepreneurial energy that delivered our initial successes, and which continues to set us apart in our market.


Drive is good. Drive is necessary. But enthusiasm is the foundation. As a business we take pride in the positive, can-do attitude of our people and the way they make things happen.

We are solution-focused rather than problem-focused. We want to do the best possible work for our clients. We want to deliver great results. And when a challenge arises – we take great pleasure in knocking it down.


All our values would mean nothing without integrity. Our clients have it, regulators demand it, we can’t imagine business operating without it. We hold ourselves accountable, and we expect our clients to as well. Being honest and trustworthy, reliable and thorough – these are the golden threads that run through our business, and mean we can stand by every single piece of work we do.